Rachel Curtis  PTSTA, CTA, UKCP, MBACP - Psychotherapy, Supervision & Training
Couples Therapy
Couples therapy focuses on the problems or difficulties existing in the relationship between two people. The relationship itself is generally the focus of the therapy.
In couples therapy, I will will help you and your partner identify any conflict issues within your relationship, help you decide what changes are needed both in your relationship and in the behaviour of each partner and for both of you to feel satisfied with your relationship. These changes may be different ways of interacting with each other or they may be individual changes related to individual psychological issues. 
Couples therapy is very similar to individual psychotherapy but sometimes it can feature mediation and educational elements. The combination of these three components is what makes it very effective.
Couples therapy is very effective for communication issues, conflict, sexual dysfunction, sexual addiction, infidelity for example.
Couples therapy often involves exercises to be done at home together.
I welcome hetrosexual and same sex couples.